The Activist - w/ Sasha Hayden

The Final Girl - w/ Taylor Hastings

Fairy Tale - w/ Helenna Santos (self portaits)

The Blue Collar Worker - w/ Barry W. Levy

The Homesteader - w/ Sara Borck

The Dancer - w/ Melanie Merkosky

The Prairie Wife - w/ Taylor Hastings

The Rancher w/ Beth Cantor

Pride and Prejudice w/ Adam L.

The Fast and the Furious - w/ Stephanie Izsak

Breaking Bad w/ Helenna Santos (self portraits)

Hustle and Flow - w/ Sasha Hayden

Stateside w/ Beth Cantor

The Grizzled Detective - w/ Barry W. Levy

The Tiny Violinist - w/ Jesse Lipscombe

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